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Microsoft Network Client v3.0 Boot Disks for Various NICs 3Com 3C509B, 3Com 3C905B, D-Link DL-530TX, D-Link DL-530TX+ (Realtek 8139), NE2000, Realtek 8029

This page is for others to download network boot disks that I have made over the past few years. They are all set up for Client for Microsoft Networks using the DOS Microsoft Network Client v3.0. Each disk is configured for the Microsoft Network Domain "ENGINEERING" with a username of "dataiv". You can easily change these variables and others by editing \NET\SYSTEM.INI. You may also want to edit \AUTOEXEC.BAT and change the lines for mapping network drives to suit your needs.

You can write these images to a floppy using a program like WinImage, or probably dd in your favourite UNIX-type operating system.

If you find this useful, or have any questions, please drop me a note.

Each image file is approximately 1.38 MB.

3Com 3C509B ISA Ethernet Card (using settings Non-PnP, IRQ 10, IOMEM 0x300)
3Com 3C905B PCI Ethernet Card
D-Link DL-530TX (not TX+) PCI Ethernet Card
NE2000 Generic ISA Ethernet Card (using settings IRQ 10, IOMEM 0x300)
RealTek 8029 (any card with this chipset) PCI Ethernet Card
RealTek 8139 (any card with this chipset, such as D-Link DL-530TX+) PCI Ethernet Card

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